Samsung Galaxy S8: The Battery Problem

Less than two weeks to the fateful presentation of Galaxy S8, which, as has become notorious at all, will take place on March 29 in New York. A wait becomes spasmodic because until the end of January it was hoped that Samsung would present its Top of the range at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Then the bitter truth and a postponement of a month. As a result, sales will be further postponed in April, presumably the 28. Although, it is not excluded that the date might be 21 April, with pre-sale online on April 7 or 10.

What’s with all this delay? It is spoken mainly by an increased focus to Galaxy S8 after the resounding flop of 7 Notes. Initially, it was believed for greater accuracy on the battery. But this is only part of the reason. Technically, the Korean giant has faced another battery problem.

Among the main features of the Galaxy S8, we find the double curved screen for both versions, two very fast processors and an improved camera.

While the battery should not benefit from any special enhancements. It will also be almost in full screen, with minimal frames and AMOLED display with an integrated Home button. But Samsung has tried to add the fingerprint scanner on screen. The Korean giant has invested heavily in new technology Synaptics last year and, according to the British portal, has postponed the release date of one month to persevere in this purpose.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to do and so had to give it up by placing the scanner in the rear of Galaxy S8. A choice that may cause Galaxy S8 problems for users, since smartphones owners consider it awkward. However, Samsung does not give up and will try again with the next devices. We know that time is running out.

How to Fix Poor Phone Call/Speaker Quality Problem on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 claimed that it has loud – even very loud – speaker’s quality. With this speaker quality, you should be able to use your iPhone 7 to listen to a few tunes or make a clear phone call using the device without having any sound problem. As we know that there are two speakers available on the new iPhone 7, that is one at the bottom and the other one pumping straight out of the earphone slot.

With these more than one speakers on the device, it means that you should get the sound a lot fuller. But then, if you have poor phone call/speaker quality of your iPhone, what should you do? If you have this issue, actually you are not the only iPhone 7 users with this speaker problem. A number of new iPhone 7 owners also have reported this particular problem. They said that they experience an audio sound distant, or it is too low to hear when they are making a phone call. If you are looking for a solution for this issue, we have this tutorial of how to fix the problem on iPhone 7.

There are enough people who have even made complaints related to this particular problem until then Apple has updated a support page in an attempt to help people with this particular sound issues. Therefore, in this tutorial we will give you the official solution as stated by Apple related to how to fix poor phone call/speaker quality problem on iPhone 7. All you need to do is following all the outlined steps below to get this particular issue fixed:

You can start fixing the problem by doing these steps: Go to Settings > Sounds and drag the Ringer and Alerts slider to turn the volume up. Possibly you get this sound issue because of you set the volume too low.

If you can get audio out of the speaker while you are still having this sounds problem, there are several other things you can try to find out the best solution to fix it as below:

Make sure that you are not setting your iPhone 7 into Silent mode by checking the Ring/Silent switch on the side of the phone to make sure it is not set to Silent (Orange). If it is set to Silent, then you need to change the status to fix this problem.

Check whether you are having a problem with your iPhone 7 case that cause this problem. It is important to ensure your case is not blocking the speaker.

Try to restart your iPhone and then check whether the sound issues are still happening or not.

Clean any dirt, dust, or debris out of the speaker to ensure that there’s nothing there blocking the sound of the speaker.

If you can’t get sound out of the speaker, or there is nothing changes after you have tried the aforementioned methods, maybe you need to reach out to Apple Support to get this issue fixed.

The other possibility of your current sound issues may be related to your carrier especially if your carrier is Verizon. It’s been suggested that if your carrier is Verizon, that could be the source of the sound issues. Try to reach out to the Verizon’s support to get the solution.

After following all steps above, hopefully you can fix the sound issues and get everything back to normal. We would be very happy to hear from you about how to fix poor phone call/speaker quality problem on iPhone 7. If you have any other solution to fix this sound issues, please share it with us so that we can improve this tutorial to make it helpful for the other users who have this particular problem.