Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hidden Features

Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 comes with several features, such as the design of the flagship Infinity Display, S more precise Pen and camera detectors.

After a chance doing the unboxing and explore this smartphone Galaxy, apparently briefly Note 8 dunked a few hidden features in it. What’s it? Here is:

1. Can make a GIF from a Display appears on the screen

To do this, you only need to open the Air Command with the S Pen, followed by choosing Smart Select. Later some of the options will appear on the top screen of the smartphone. Then select the Animation, and tap the area that you want to be a GIF.

2. Hide the Navigation Menu

Want to remove the navigation menu that appears at the bottom of the screen smartphone? If Yes, you need to do is to tap twice the point at the far left of the navigation menu.

3. Open and close the notification Panel

Like Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Galaxy, Galaxy 8 Note also presents the ability to open the notification panel just by sliding a finger up or down on the fingerprint sensor smartphone.

Only, to take advantage of this feature, you must turn on this feature in the Settings menu.

4. Translate the text with the Pen S

Be one of the distinguishing features of the series of the other Galaxy, Galaxy Note comes with the stylus Pen named S. Comes with a better capability and precision, S Pen can be used to translate the writings of foreign, and also convert currencies.

5. Press and hold the button on the Pen S

A pencil behind it there is a stylus, eraser in Galaxy note 8 turned out to have a similar feature, namely the eraser on the back S Pen.

To enable this feature, you just depress and hold the button that is contained in S Pen. Easy enough, right?

6. Edge Panel

Though not new, the App features Edge sometimes like forgotten by many users. Introduced in Galaxy S8, you can add some other functions, such as Edge Apps, Browse, Quick Select, Smart tools, Calnder, and much more.

To add these functions, tap the icon of the wheels, and the various services will appear. Not only is free, but some of the functions can also be the Panel Edge you paid download.

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The Rumors About the iPhone X

There is still half a year for presentation, but we can speculate on several novelties of the iPhone X.

A week from the start of the MWC in Barcelona-the biggest smartphone fair in the world-many looks are fixed on the only brand that has never attended: Apple. And more specifically in the many speculations surrounding its next terminal, the so-called iPhone X (because this year is celebrated its tenth anniversary).

iPhone X New Features

The mountain of rumors is, as always, too big for all to be true, but we have selected those whose sources are more reliable and technologies whose implementation seems viable and logical. So, this is the list of probable novelties of the iPhone X.

A new ‘ premium ‘ model

When in September Tim Cook announces the new generation of iPhone will not only unveil a regular model and a plus of larger screen. You will also discover a ‘ premium ‘ model-which would be the iPhone X and that would have several last-batch technologies. This iPhone for the elites would have a price higher than €1,000.

Touch Bar on mobile

Taking advantage of the benefits of the Apple OLED would have developed a function similar to the Touch Bar but adapted to the iPhone X. That is to say a mini secondary screen at the base of the terminal where the most used apps and contextual information regarding the current action would be displayed. LG has already experimented with something similar in its V10 and V20.

Goodbye to metal, hello Crystal

Directly related to the previous point, the iPhone should stop having a metal back, as this prevents using any wireless recharge. The original bet is the reinforced glass and that only the edges remain of metal.

More autonomy

Apple’s eternal promise could be made a little more certain because the OLED panels are energetically more efficient and leave some more space free, a larger-capacity battery could occupy that.

Biometrics renewed

The inclusion of the Touch Bar on the base would imply some necessary changes. The first is the disappearance of the Start button and the fingerprint scanner ‘ Touch ID ‘ in that area. The alternatives go by placing the scanner on the back, using the patented micro led technology-which would allow some screen LEDs to recognize fingerprints-use a solution similar to that of the MacBook Pro or, finally, switch to a biometric facial or iris recognition system. The latter is somewhat slower and less efficient.


All About The New Control Center Of IOS 11

As planned, iOS 11 has been announced as a new version of the software for iPhone and iPad within the framework of the WWDC 2017. After countless speculations and leaks, which go through details such as the appearance in the App Store of the first iOS file Explorer, today is official update with iOS 11, as well as all the innovations that will be implemented after deployment as OTA for a compatible device.

One of the expected days in which Apple is the undisputed protagonist of the current sector has arrived. The reason is none other than the WWDC 2017 where the firm is accustomed to revealing all its novelties in the section of the software. In addition to the news related to TVOS and watchOS, one of the most outstanding parts corresponds to the next great update of the platform that gives life to iPhone 7 and iPad Pro.

iOS 11 includes a good handful of novelties for both iPhone 8 and iPad. And although some of the most important functions are exclusively for the Apple tablet, the iPhone version also changes considerably in such critical functions as the control center, that screen of shortcuts that for so many years was the star of the Jailbreak and Cydia.

The shortcuts screen to features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, music player, brightness, volume, etc. changes radically concerning iOS 10, and not just in aesthetics. New shortcuts and even the ability to customize some of the buttons by placing the ones we consider most important. We show you in full detail how it is and how the new control center of iOS 11 works, including an informative video.

The new control center continues to appear in the same way as in iOS 10, designed from the bottom of the screen. You can deploy it from the lock screen, from the applications and the main screen of your iPhone or iPad Pro, but unlike what happened with iOS 10, on iOS 11 will occupy the entire screen of your device. Also, there are no pages. Now all the controls are on the same page. You will not have to slide to view the playback controls or to access the devices that are compatible with HomeKit.

From a simple glance, you will be able to access all the shortcuts, which is much more comfortable than having different pages, as with iOS 10. I for example never used access to HomeKit from the control center, mainly because I never remembered that it was there, sliding to the right. I prefer to have all the options visible to know what I can and can’t do.

Samsung Galaxy S8: The Battery Problem

Less than two weeks to the fateful presentation of Galaxy S8, which, as has become notorious at all, will take place on March 29 in New York. A wait becomes spasmodic because until the end of January it was hoped that Samsung would present its Top of the range at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Then the bitter truth and a postponement of a month. As a result, sales will be further postponed in April, presumably the 28. Although, it is not excluded that the date might be 21 April, with pre-sale online on April 7 or 10.

What’s with all this delay? It is spoken mainly by an increased focus to Galaxy S8 after the resounding flop of 7 Notes. Initially, it was believed for greater accuracy on the battery. But this is only part of the reason. Technically, the Korean giant has faced another battery problem.

Among the main features of the Galaxy S8, we find the double curved screen for both versions, two very fast processors and an improved camera.

While the battery should not benefit from any special enhancements. It will also be almost in full screen, with minimal frames and AMOLED display with an integrated Home button. But Samsung has tried to add the fingerprint scanner on screen. The Korean giant has invested heavily in new technology Synaptics last year and, according to the British portal, has postponed the release date of one month to persevere in this purpose.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to do and so had to give it up by placing the scanner in the rear of Galaxy S8. A choice that may cause Galaxy S8 problems for users, since smartphones owners consider it awkward. However, Samsung does not give up and will try again with the next devices. We know that time is running out.

How to Adjust Video and Audio Settings on Apple TV

Apple TV is commonly known with its capability to handle most of the setup which gives conveniences to the users when they are playing audio and video on it. Usually, Apple TV automatically detects any audio and video hardware, and then make some necessary adjustment to those settings accordingly. Although it can give you what is should be work for you with some setups, if you don’t feel that what Apple TV has done for you is right for your conveniences, you can manually do some minor adjustment to get the most suit you. There are controls and settings available for you to make some customization for viewing and listening. And here is the tutorial to guide you through this necessary steps about how to adjust video and audio settings on Apple TV.

Controls and settings to customize viewing and listening on Apple TV

If you want to change video and audio settings, some checks and settings can be used to make some adjustment about how to adjust video and audio settings on Apple TV. With this video and audio settings, you can make several adjustments such as to ensure the output matches the native resolution of your TV. You can also send audio output from Apple TV to Bluetooth headphones or any other alternative speakers. If you need subtitle and audio tracks which are in foreign language content, you can choose any language you want to use from the available list.

Well, here are some necessary steps of customization you can make to the viewing and listening of Apple TV:

How to set the language of audio and subtitles

If you need to configure the language of audio and subtitles, go to Settings, then go to “Audio and Video” and select the language you want under Audio Language or Subtitle Language. If the word you want to use is not available in the lists, the default language is used – it is the one associated with your region or the one that is selected in General Settings.

How to watch Apple TV quietly

If you don’t want to disturb anyone around you when you are watching Apple TV, there is a simple thing you can do to the Apple TV. It originally has a capability to lower the overall sound level where you can reduce the loudness of music and sound effects. If you need to make it work for you, you can turn on this feature while watching Apple TV. Simple you can start by swiping down to show the info panel, and then select Audio. Finally, select Reduce Loud Sounds to lower the overall sound level. While to customize this setting for all videos, you can go to “Audio and Video” and then choose the menu Reduce Loud Sounds.

How to send audio to Bluetooth headphones or AirPlay speaker

It is very straightforward and easy to send audio to Bluetooth headphones or another AirPlay speaker on Apple TV. You just need to go to Settings, then go to “Audio and Video” > Audio Output.

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How to Fix Poor Phone Call/Speaker Quality Problem on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 claimed that it has loud – even very loud – speaker’s quality. With this speaker quality, you should be able to use your iPhone 7 to listen to a few tunes or make a clear phone call using the device without having any sound problem. As we know that there are two speakers available on the new iPhone 7, that is one at the bottom and the other one pumping straight out of the earphone slot.

With these more than one speakers on the device, it means that you should get the sound a lot fuller. But then, if you have poor phone call/speaker quality of your iPhone, what should you do? If you have this issue, actually you are not the only iPhone 7 users with this speaker problem. A number of new iPhone 7 owners also have reported this particular problem. They said that they experience an audio sound distant, or it is too low to hear when they are making a phone call. If you are looking for a solution for this issue, we have this tutorial of how to fix the problem on iPhone 7.

There are enough people who have even made complaints related to this particular problem until then Apple has updated a support page in an attempt to help people with this particular sound issues. Therefore, in this tutorial we will give you the official solution as stated by Apple related to how to fix poor phone call/speaker quality problem on iPhone 7. All you need to do is following all the outlined steps below to get this particular issue fixed:

You can start fixing the problem by doing these steps: Go to Settings > Sounds and drag the Ringer and Alerts slider to turn the volume up. Possibly you get this sound issue because of you set the volume too low.

If you can get audio out of the speaker while you are still having this sounds problem, there are several other things you can try to find out the best solution to fix it as below:

Make sure that you are not setting your iPhone 7 into Silent mode by checking the Ring/Silent switch on the side of the phone to make sure it is not set to Silent (Orange). If it is set to Silent, then you need to change the status to fix this problem.

Check whether you are having a problem with your iPhone 7 case that cause this problem. It is important to ensure your case is not blocking the speaker.

Try to restart your iPhone and then check whether the sound issues are still happening or not.

Clean any dirt, dust, or debris out of the speaker to ensure that there’s nothing there blocking the sound of the speaker.

If you can’t get sound out of the speaker, or there is nothing changes after you have tried the aforementioned methods, maybe you need to reach out to Apple Support to get this issue fixed.

The other possibility of your current sound issues may be related to your carrier especially if your carrier is Verizon. It’s been suggested that if your carrier is Verizon, that could be the source of the sound issues. Try to reach out to the Verizon’s support to get the solution.

After following all steps above, hopefully you can fix the sound issues and get everything back to normal. We would be very happy to hear from you about how to fix poor phone call/speaker quality problem on iPhone 7. If you have any other solution to fix this sound issues, please share it with us so that we can improve this tutorial to make it helpful for the other users who have this particular problem.

iPad Pro 2017 Design

Apple is one of the most influential companies in the technology industry and consumers from all over the world highly anticipate the arrival of the latest generation of its products, includes the hottest rumored iPad Pro 2. The company is expected to launch a number of iPad Pro 2 models along with the other devices which are also rumored to be launched this year. Based on some rumors, the company is currently working on an iPad Pro in three possible screen sizes. What are they, and what will the upcoming iPads will bring is something we want to talk about here. We will gather some news and rumors to foresee iPad Pro 2017 Design.

iPad Pro 2017 Design is expected to be totally revamped. Based on some rumors, iPad Pro 2 is expected to launch in January along with a four-speaker setup, rear camera flash along with Smart Connector and Apple Pencil support. About this upcoming iPad Pro 2, we have some hottest leaks mentioned about the new iPad Pro 2 will be slimmer, lighter slate, water resistance and come with no headphone port. The rumors detail that there is a fair chance the company will try to make the new slates slimmer and lighter, as this is something Apple often does with new models and it could really benefit the larger model, as the iPad Pro 12.9 weighs a hefty 713g. on the other hand, they could get thicker although with a smaller overall footprint. This possibility is supported by one leak who claims a new 10.9-inch model will have the same length and width as the iPad Pro 9.7 but will be 7.5mm think, whereas there is the fact that the current flagship is just 6.1mm. The same source also says that the iPad Pro 2 with 12.9-inch will get 3mm thicker, making it 9.9mm thick.

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The rumors about iPad Pro 2 is not only mentioning about the tablet design that will be thicker than the current iPad Pro. Some source also mentioned about the possibility of the company to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the upcoming iPad Pro 2 as they also removed it from the iPhone 7. The device is also rumored to be water and dust resistant, just like the iPhone 7. It may not be very crucial for a tablet to have this ability –water and dust resistant- since the use of this device is mostly indoors but it still help defend the device against spilled drinks or other liquid. There are many expectations about iPad Pro 2017 design. Well, the chance for the company to make big changes to the design of the iPad Pro 2 as what people expect may not be completely confirmed. At least, we may hope that the upcoming iPad Pro 2 will get slimmer and lighter.