Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hidden Features

Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 comes with several features, such as the design of the flagship Infinity Display, S more precise Pen and camera detectors.

After a chance doing the unboxing and explore this smartphone Galaxy, apparently briefly Note 8 dunked a few hidden features in it. What’s it? Here is:

1. Can make a GIF from a Display appears on the screen

To do this, you only need to open the Air Command with the S Pen, followed by choosing Smart Select. Later some of the options will appear on the top screen of the smartphone. Then select the Animation, and tap the area that you want to be a GIF.

2. Hide the Navigation Menu

Want to remove the navigation menu that appears at the bottom of the screen smartphone? If Yes, you need to do is to tap twice the point at the far left of the navigation menu.

3. Open and close the notification Panel

Like Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Galaxy, Galaxy 8 Note also presents the ability to open the notification panel just by sliding a finger up or down on the fingerprint sensor smartphone.

Only, to take advantage of this feature, you must turn on this feature in the Settings menu.

4. Translate the text with the Pen S

Be one of the distinguishing features of the series of the other Galaxy, Galaxy Note comes with the stylus Pen named S. Comes with a better capability and precision, S Pen can be used to translate the writings of foreign, and also convert currencies.

5. Press and hold the button on the Pen S

A pencil behind it there is a stylus, eraser in Galaxy note 8 turned out to have a similar feature, namely the eraser on the back S Pen.

To enable this feature, you just depress and hold the button that is contained in S Pen. Easy enough, right?

6. Edge Panel

Though not new, the App features Edge sometimes like forgotten by many users. Introduced in Galaxy S8, you can add some other functions, such as Edge Apps, Browse, Quick Select, Smart tools, Calnder, and much more.

To add these functions, tap the icon of the wheels, and the various services will appear. Not only is free, but some of the functions can also be the Panel Edge you paid download.

Via: Galaxy Note 8 Tutorial

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