The Rumors About the iPhone X

There is still half a year for presentation, but we can speculate on several novelties of the iPhone X.

A week from the start of the MWC in Barcelona-the biggest smartphone fair in the world-many looks are fixed on the only brand that has never attended: Apple. And more specifically in the many speculations surrounding its next terminal, the so-called iPhone X (because this year is celebrated its tenth anniversary).

iPhone X New Features

The mountain of rumors is, as always, too big for all to be true, but we have selected those whose sources are more reliable and technologies whose implementation seems viable and logical. So, this is the list of probable novelties of the iPhone X.

A new ‘ premium ‘ model

When in September Tim Cook announces the new generation of iPhone will not only unveil a regular model and a plus of larger screen. You will also discover a ‘ premium ‘ model-which would be the iPhone X and that would have several last-batch technologies. This iPhone for the elites would have a price higher than €1,000.

Touch Bar on mobile

Taking advantage of the benefits of the Apple OLED would have developed a function similar to the Touch Bar but adapted to the iPhone X. That is to say a mini secondary screen at the base of the terminal where the most used apps and contextual information regarding the current action would be displayed. LG has already experimented with something similar in its V10 and V20.

Goodbye to metal, hello Crystal

Directly related to the previous point, the iPhone should stop having a metal back, as this prevents using any wireless recharge. The original bet is the reinforced glass and that only the edges remain of metal.

More autonomy

Apple’s eternal promise could be made a little more certain because the OLED panels are energetically more efficient and leave some more space free, a larger-capacity battery could occupy that.

Biometrics renewed

The inclusion of the Touch Bar on the base would imply some necessary changes. The first is the disappearance of the Start button and the fingerprint scanner ‘ Touch ID ‘ in that area. The alternatives go by placing the scanner on the back, using the patented micro led technology-which would allow some screen LEDs to recognize fingerprints-use a solution similar to that of the MacBook Pro or, finally, switch to a biometric facial or iris recognition system. The latter is somewhat slower and less efficient.


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