All About The New Control Center Of IOS 11

As planned, iOS 11 has been announced as a new version of the software for iPhone and iPad within the framework of the WWDC 2017. After countless speculations and leaks, which go through details such as the appearance in the App Store of the first iOS file Explorer, today is official update with iOS 11, as well as all the innovations that will be implemented after deployment as OTA for a compatible device.

One of the expected days in which Apple is the undisputed protagonist of the current sector has arrived. The reason is none other than the WWDC 2017 where the firm is accustomed to revealing all its novelties in the section of the software. In addition to the news related to TVOS and watchOS, one of the most outstanding parts corresponds to the next great update of the platform that gives life to iPhone 7 and iPad Pro.

iOS 11 includes a good handful of novelties for both iPhone 8 and iPad. And although some of the most important functions are exclusively for the Apple tablet, the iPhone version also changes considerably in such critical functions as the control center, that screen of shortcuts that for so many years was the star of the Jailbreak and Cydia.

The shortcuts screen to features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, music player, brightness, volume, etc. changes radically concerning iOS 10, and not just in aesthetics. New shortcuts and even the ability to customize some of the buttons by placing the ones we consider most important. We show you in full detail how it is and how the new control center of iOS 11 works, including an informative video.

The new control center continues to appear in the same way as in iOS 10, designed from the bottom of the screen. You can deploy it from the lock screen, from the applications and the main screen of your iPhone or iPad Pro, but unlike what happened with iOS 10, on iOS 11 will occupy the entire screen of your device. Also, there are no pages. Now all the controls are on the same page. You will not have to slide to view the playback controls or to access the devices that are compatible with HomeKit.

From a simple glance, you will be able to access all the shortcuts, which is much more comfortable than having different pages, as with iOS 10. I for example never used access to HomeKit from the control center, mainly because I never remembered that it was there, sliding to the right. I prefer to have all the options visible to know what I can and can’t do.

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