iPad Pro 2017 Design

Apple is one of the most influential companies in the technology industry and consumers from all over the world highly anticipate the arrival of the latest generation of its products, includes the hottest rumored iPad Pro 2. The company is expected to launch a number of iPad Pro 2 models along with the other devices which are also rumored to be launched this year. Based on some rumors, the company is currently working on an iPad Pro in three possible screen sizes. What are they, and what will the upcoming iPads will bring is something we want to talk about here. We will gather some news and rumors to foresee iPad Pro 2017 Design.

iPad Pro 2017 Design is expected to be totally revamped. Based on some rumors, iPad Pro 2 is expected to launch in January along with a four-speaker setup, rear camera flash along with Smart Connector and Apple Pencil support. About this upcoming iPad Pro 2, we have some hottest leaks mentioned about the new iPad Pro 2 will be slimmer, lighter slate, water resistance and come with no headphone port. The rumors detail that there is a fair chance the company will try to make the new slates slimmer and lighter, as this is something Apple often does with new models and it could really benefit the larger model, as the iPad Pro 12.9 weighs a hefty 713g. on the other hand, they could get thicker although with a smaller overall footprint. This possibility is supported by one leak who claims a new 10.9-inch model will have the same length and width as the iPad Pro 9.7 but will be 7.5mm think, whereas there is the fact that the current flagship is just 6.1mm. The same source also says that the iPad Pro 2 with 12.9-inch will get 3mm thicker, making it 9.9mm thick.

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The rumors about iPad Pro 2 is not only mentioning about the tablet design that will be thicker than the current iPad Pro. Some source also mentioned about the possibility of the company to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the upcoming iPad Pro 2 as they also removed it from the iPhone 7. The device is also rumored to be water and dust resistant, just like the iPhone 7. It may not be very crucial for a tablet to have this ability –water and dust resistant- since the use of this device is mostly indoors but it still help defend the device against spilled drinks or other liquid. There are many expectations about iPad Pro 2017 design. Well, the chance for the company to make big changes to the design of the iPad Pro 2 as what people expect may not be completely confirmed. At least, we may hope that the upcoming iPad Pro 2 will get slimmer and lighter.